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Brandwatch and Hootsuite - 5870

Anticipate trends and measure new initiatives with social data

Discover how Global Brands Use Hootsuite Enterprise and Brandwatch to Anticipate Trends and Measure New Campaigns.

Global brands use Brandwatch’s advanced social media analytics to decipher complex market dynamics, better understand customer segments, and make confident shifts in strategies.

Download this infosheet to find out about how Hootsuite’s Brandwatch integration can help your organization:

  • Gather global insights about customers, cost effectively.

  • Easily surface data in a unified interface—with Brandwatch’s integration, your organization can analyze and share data to each user’s customized dashboard.

  • Have data you can depend on—Brandwatch collects, verifies, and accurately matches each piece of data.

  • Measure the impact of new initiatives—from analyzing perceptions to uncovering the needs of a regional market, get the data you need to make confident recommendations.

  • Find unique competitive insights—with 22 advanced Boolean search operators and historical data.

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