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How Hootsuite Wins with Social Data - 5752

Learn how our own marketing pros use social listening and analytics to hit KPIs

At Hootsuite, we like to say that social is in our DNA. As a social media company, we know the power of social data first hand and we use it to improve our social and business results every day.

Truly benefitting from social data is a challenge for a lot of marketers. We get it—social media can be overwhelming. But social data doesn’t have to be a black hole. There are simple tools and tactics you can use to find meaningful, actionable insights from social.

To prove it, our latest white paper, How Hootsuite Wins with Social Listening and Analytics, will reveal how Hootsuite’s very own marketing pros tap into the power of social data every day. Plus, we’ll highlight real examples of when social analytics helped us make important decisions and improve our business results.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • The importance of competitive benchmarking—highlighted by an important strategy shift we made based on real data.

  • How we use social listening to inspire new SEO-friendly content.

  • Why each of our campaigns start and end with social data—and the key social metrics we use to optimize and report on results.

  • How real-time social data helps us maximize Hootsuite’s thought leadership program.

Download the white paper now to learn how to turn data into actionable insights from a company that was built on social.

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