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The social executive: How to influence trust, transparency, and the bottom line - 17429

In the C-suite, opportunity no longer knocks—it tweets, snaps, likes, and shares.

Nearly 86 percent of executives in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia believe having a social CEO is positive for a company’s reputation, and 76 per cent believe it enhances credibility in the market. Most important, the vast majority say a social leader has a positive impact on business results.

Supported by insights from industry leaders and regional primary and secondary research, this white paper will show you why becoming a social executive isn’t an option anymore—it’s a critical leadership skill to master.

  • Know why social leadership on social is more important than ever.

  • Understand the common reasons executives avoid social media.

  • Discover the opportunities and benefits social executives can unlock for their organizations.

Download this executive white paper and learn how to lead with social. 

“Social media provides me with an opportunity to dip into the minds of my customers. Not only do I learn from the views and experiences of multiple communities, I also get feedback on my brands, categories and industry”-Sanjay Behl, CEO, Raymond Limited

“I embraced social media, not because it was comfortable, but because that’s where people are communicating.”-Alex Malley, CEO, CPA Australia

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