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Explained 3 Ways: How Do I Create the Best Social Content in 2021?

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Sarah Dawley
Senior Manager, Content at Hootsuite
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More than two-thirds of people (68%) think brands don’t share interesting content, says Forrester. Are you one of those boring brands?

We’re not judging—we’ve been there. And we’re here to help.

In our new webinar series, Explained 3 Ways, we're breaking down common social media challenges—like this one—to help you succeed in 2021.

We’ve brought together experts to share three different proven strategies for creating and sharing innovative content that shines on social.

You’ll Discover How To:

  • Capture attention and cozy up to the algorithms with the hottest and most popular social content formats

  • Uncover what’s resonating with your audience using social listening, so you can create content that’s as on-trend as it is impactful

  • Curate and share user-generated content so can quickly and easily publish high-quality posts that feel authentic to your audience

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  • Headshot Webinarglo Sarah Dawley 400X400 1

    Sarah Dawley

    Senior Manager, Content at Hootsuite

    As the Senior Manager, Content at Hootsuite Sarah leads the research and analysis of Hootsuite’s global trends report. She brings over a decade of experience in strategy and copywriting, and was a social media manager for some of Canada's largest media organizations prior to joining Hootsuite. Sarah works with our brand team to define and articulate how social media is impacting brands, marketers and consumers.

  • Amanda Hs Headshot 1

    Amanda Wood

    Manager of Social at Hootsuite

    Amanda Wood is the Manager of Social for Hootsuite. She is responsible for setting campaign social strategies, and overseeing the publishing of content on all major global social channels. To understand the relationship between paid and organic social, Amanda regularly tests internal tools like Hootsuite Impact to demonstrate the full value of social to the business.

  • Headshot Nick Martin

    Nick Martin

    Social Engagement Specialist at Hootsuite

    If you've spoken with Hootsuite online, there's a good chance you've spoken with Nick. He also oversees Hootsuite’s social data analysis and is their internal expert on Brandwatch.

  • Tintpartner Webinar Headshot David Ramirez 400X400

    S. Ramirez

    Marketing Manager at TINT
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