In the Age of the Individual, social is heightening consumer demands around technology—and changing the rules of engagement.

Yet amid this change, successful brands are finding solid ground on which to build lasting marketing and business strategies by embedding the customer mindset and employee voices throughout their organizations.

Transforming Your Business

Join us for a new multi-track digital summit where we bring together inspiring brands and the industry’s brightest experts to explore the three pillars of customer engagement: Confidence, Connections and Convenience.


We’re kicking off with former Hootsuite CMO Penny Wilson’s keynote The Future of Customer Engagement. Then, we invite you to journey through three learning tracks that bring together recent webinars from 2019—and share a look at the future of social in 2020. Plus, you’ll get the inside scoop from marketers who presented at our social breakfast events in Toronto, Melbourne, and London.

Unified Customer Experience

Attend to discover what 3,100 surveyed marketers said about where social is headed in 2020 and get exclusive insights in our fourth annual social media trends report.

What You'll Learn:

    • How to measure both customer and business outcomes to strike a balance between short-term revenue-driven gains and longer-term brand building measures
    • How to innovate with social insights
    • How to bring social into every step of the buyer’s journey
    • How to build a social-first culture for long-term growth and market leadership.
    • Discover the future of social networks directly from Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter
    • How to combine organic with paid activity to deliver the biggest impact


  • Keynote

    The Future of Customer Engagement

    Penny Wilson, Former CMO, Hootsuite

    The rules of customer engagement are changing fast. In this session, former Hootsuite CMO Penny Wilson shows how to renew brand relevance and ignite growth by following the 3Cs of customer engagement.

  • Social Strategy track

    2020 Social Media Trends

    • Sarah Dawley, Senior Copywriter, Hootsuite
    • Ryan Ginsberg, Global Director of Paid Social, Hootsuite

    The Future of Customer Engagement panel

    • LinkedIn, Twitter, and Workplace by Facebook
  • Social Best Practices track

    Building Confidence & Trust

    • Kim Beddard-Fontaine, SVP Digital & Employee Communications, Sodexo

    Unifying Customer Experience

    • Corinna Maloney, Associate Director, Digital Communication, RMT University
  • Succeeding with Hootsuite track

    How to Connect Social Strategy with Business Goals

    • Yvonne Chow, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Hootsuite
    • Bing Lin, Senior Product Manager, Hootsuite

    Build for the Future: Product Release

    • Yvonne Chow, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Hootsuite
    • Brian Baxter, Senior Solutions Consultant, Hootsuite