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How a UK university used social media to increase student recruitment

University of Salford: Becoming the first social university in the UK through a culture of collaboration and engagement

The University of Salford’s goal is to be the first truly social university in the UK. They want to embed social media across all relevant departments in order to build relationships with students, share widespread information, improve reputation and awareness, answer inquiries faster, and enhance teachings.

But with too many social accounts and no strategy, content management, or collaboration, the university couldn’t tap into the full spectrum of social media’s benefits—like driving recruitment.

Discover how, within a year, the university tightened up their social presence so that academics, recruiters, and marketers alike were collaborating effectively toward better student services and increased business.

Uncover the tactics the university used to:

  • Increase recruitment efficiency during busiest time of recruitment year

  • Improve collaboration and workflow to successfully recruit students

  • Respond to double the inquiries in half the time than the previous year

  • Make it easy for departments and specialists to quickly engage with new student inquiries

  • Gain executive buy-in to expand social media program

Download this case study to learn how a top UK university improved collaboration just in time for the biggest day of the year for a UK university’s recruitment team.

Without having executive investment in social media, we couldn’t prove it’s worth. Now that we’re increasing recruitment efficiency during times like clearing, we’re getting the buy-in we need to prove the ROI.

—Justin Clark, Senior Press Officer, University of Salford

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