New York Stories: 3 Key Roles for Social Media in Government

Masha Gindler
Masha Gindler
Deputy Digital Director, NYC Mayor's Office of Digital Strategy


In this webinar, guest speaker Masha Gindler, ‎Deputy Director at NYC Mayor's Office of Digital Strategy shares the three key roles social media plays in her city’s digital strategy.

These roles—which Gindler argues are applicable to governments of all sizes and levels—are:

  • Social Media as Responsible Communications: As more New Yorkers get their information through social media, the city has to ensure their social media messaging is strong

  • Social Media as Advocacy: Social media allows the city to promote the values of this administration, or of individual offices

  • Social Media as Service Delivery: Social media is evolving as a tool that agencies can use to connect people with services, receive feedback, answer questions, and more.

Watch this exclusive webinar to hear about some of the key lessons NYC learned in their quest to become the world’s premier digital city.

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  • Masha Gindler

    Masha Gindler

    Deputy Digital Director, NYC Mayor's Office of Digital Strategy

    Masha Gindler is Deputy Digital Director at the NYC Mayor's Office of Digital Strategy. The Office of Digital Strategy (ODS) works closely with agencies to help develop forward-thinking policies and usage for digital tools to better serve the public and support the growth of New York City's tech ecosystem. As part of this mission, Masha oversees the digital communications across all agencies, working with digital managers to improve and execute their social media strategy. Most recently, she worked on the digital portion of the City's huge mental health initiative ThriveNYC. Masha got her start as a content creator for NYC City Hall's social media channels. The City of New York is dedicated to improving engagement with residents and businesses by developing tools that will enhance government transparency, improve delivery of City services, and promote civic engagement.

  • Chris Mercer

    Chris Mercer

    Corporate Account Executive, Hootsuite

    Chris works with Hootsuite's government accounts on aligning social media to various initiatives and functions of their government. With a background in information technology training, he understands the resistance to change and implementing new technologies in government. Chris is very passionate about collaboration through innovation with his clients stressing that social media allows governments to accomplish more with less.

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