Using social media for marketing is great. Keeping it stuck there while missing out on its broader business value? Not so great.

Executives in particular often underestimate social media’s economic, cultural, and transformative power, partly because there hasn’t been much actual research or proof to back it up. Until now.

In this webinar, you’ll get a look at exciting new research Hootsuite created in collaboration with Altimeter that can help you connect social media to the transformation agenda execs really care about.

But these are big topics that come with big challenges, so we won’t just dump a bunch of data on you—we’ll also have a discussion about how to navigate the complex and nuanced issues that real professionals (like you) are facing when it comes to broadening your organization’s use of social media.

What You'll Learn

  • New data to help you build an effective enterprise social strategy in 2021, based on what's working with Hootsuite's largest customers.
  • Best practices for using social to retain and deepen customer connections, align strategic planning with changing customer behavior in the light of COVID, increase media efficiency to acquire customers, and advance digital transformation efforts.
  • How our customers are solving challenges like integrating CRM systems with social data, rolling out social executive programs, attribution and measurement, and social's role in digital transformation.

  • Photo of James Mulvey

    James Mulvey

    Senior Manager, Content Strategy at Hootsuite

    At Hootsuite, James publishes research reports to help our enterprise customers understand global social media trends and evolving consumer behaviors. Prior to joining Hootsuite, James worked at a SaaS marketing agency specializing in social, video, and search campaigns. Previous client work includes B2B campaigns for Google DoubleClick, Google Wildfire, Wealthfront, Thomson Reuters, and AppLovin.

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  • Photo of Mark Abrami

    Mark Abrami

    Senior Value Realization Consultant, Hootsuite

    Mark is now a Principal Consultant at Hootsuite, helping customers to evolve their strategies and drive more value from Social Media for their businesses.

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  • Photo of Maggie White

    Maggie White

    Senior Customer Success Manager, Hootsuite

    Maggie has worked intimately with enterprise customers for over 7 years to successfully implement social selling programs, to help drive content strategy and to integrate social data to better understand content performance across owned, earned and paid media to drive business results.

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  • Photo of Ashley Reid

    Ashley Reid

    Business Value Analyst at Hootsuite

    Ashley researches and analyzes healthcare industry trends and works with Hootsuite’s healthcare prospects and clients to help them understand how social media aligns to their organizational objectives and elevate their social performance.

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