Digital 2020: Quarter Update

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Simon Kemp
Founder of Kepios
Digital In 2020 Hero@3X


2020 isn’t done with us yet! As the world continuously changes month to month, marketers are challenged with maintaining a strong digital strategy.

Join us for a replay of our recent Linkedin Live with world-renowned social analyst Simon Kemp and Head of PR Melanie Gaboriault to uncover the latest on the state of digital around the globe.

Plus, you’ll get insights on how digital behaviors have changed since lockdown, how apps like TikTok are managing global complications, and more.

  • How customer habits are shifting and where to focus your efforts
  • How social networks are handling a digital landscape where more people head online
  • How to build resilience into your strategy to keep up with evolving audience behaviour

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  • Email Webinar Sept15 Speaker 1 400X400

    Simon Kemp

    Founder of Kepios
  • Headshot Melanie Gaboriault

    Melanie Gaboriault

    Head of PR at Hootsuite

    Melanie Gaboriault is one of Hootsuite's global PR Managers, excited about sharing the Hootsuite story around the world. She has been stretching her creative communications muscle for over 20 years having worked within large corporations, small start-ups and everything in-between.

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