Boost Efficiency and Elevate Your Impact on Social: Q4 Product Roadmap

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Monica Romanuic
Product Marketing Manager, Hootsuite
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Consumer demands have continued to shift rapidly in recent months, leaving brands searching for effective ways to increase efficiency and keep up with changing expectations.

With our Digital 2020 report finding that 43% of people are spending even more time on social media this year, it’s no surprise that social has emerged as a highly effective channel to reach both new and existing customers. It not only provides brand value but also operational efficiencies contributing to business results.

Join Hootsuite’s Product Marketing Manager Monica Romaniuc and Business Value Analyst Ashley Reid for our Q4 product roadmap webinar to learn how Hootsuite’s new product capabilities help you boost efficiency and maximize your impact on social.

  • How to scale 1:1 communication with your audience by managing it all in one place
  • How to collaborate with your team to plan and create captivating content
  • How to get a snapshot of your performance with easier and faster access to your key metrics

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  • Webinar Headshot Monica Romaniuc Q4Productroadmap 400X400

    Monica Romanuic

    Product Marketing Manager, Hootsuite

    Monica leads the go-to-market strategy for Hoosuite’s portfolio of engagement products enabling SMB and enterprise customers to strengthen their relationships by using social.

    Follow Monica on LinkedIn

  • Ashley Reid

    Ashley Reid

    Senior Business Value Analyst, Hootsuite

    Ashley researches and analyzes healthcare industry trends and works with Hootsuite’s healthcare prospects and clients to help them understand how social media aligns to their organizational objectives and elevate their social performance.

    Follow Ashley on LinkedIn

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