Government Social Trends You Can Put Into Practice In 2019

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Ben Cathers
Ben Cathers
Principal Solutions Consultant at Hootsuite


Social media enables government agencies—from local to national— to better inform and engage with communities.

However, there are unique challenges government agencies will need to overcome in 2019. For example, 20 of the 28 markets in the Edelman Trust Barometer lie in distruster territory—meaning governments around the world have a lot of work to do.

Our recommendations can help.

Join our webinar where Hootsuite experts will share insight on areas of opportunity for governments on social media—and offer practical ways for you to put these recommendations into action.

  • What investments you should be making in areas like content, advertising, and crisis communications.
  • How the social networks are developing and why it matters to your agency.
  • What you can learn from innovative government agencies around the world.

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  • Ben Cathers

    Ben Cathers

    Principal Solutions Consultant at Hootsuite

    Ben partners with Hootsuite’s largest government and financial services clients to help address their unique digital transformation requirements. He works closely with customers and industry analysts to ensure our solutions meet and exceed government-specific compliance standards for enterprise social media management. He has shared his experience, insights and expertise at events including GSMCON, DoDIIS and DINFOS. As well as this, he has been published in FCW and GCN.

  • Morgan Photo

    Morgan Zerr

    Principal Business Value Analyst at Hootsuite

    Morgan consults with all levels of government to identify opportunities where social media can have an impact on their constituents, organization, and digital transformation. Starting her career as a "gov girl" in Ottawa, Morgan moved from Canada's capital to Vancouver, where she is now able to help the public sector from the other side of the table.

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