Hootsuite Product Update & Roadmap Webinar

Michelle Dunlea
Michelle Dunlea
Senior Director, Product, Hootsuite


Our product team has been working hard to deliver solutions that will set your organization up for success for 2018 and beyond.

Learn how to build and manage your brand, strengthen relationships with your customers, drive business results and integrate social across your organization.

Join our exclusive Hootsuite Product Update & Roadmap Webinar to get an overview of our most recent releases and a sneak peek into what we’ve got planned for the next few months.

  • New features and product updates that you’ve been waiting for
  • Four key business objectives necessary to drive your business forward
  • The future of data based on recent social media changes

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  • Michelle Dunlea

    Michelle Dunlea

    Senior Director, Product, Hootsuite

    A customer experience fanatic and storyteller, Michelle has been with Hootsuite for 4.5 year now and has a new shiny title is Senior Director, Product. Throughout her time in The Nest, she has been shaping in the evolution of Hootsuite by delivering solutions that make our customer’s work lives better. Michelle leads our Content and Customer product areas which include content planning, content creation, publishing, monitoring and responding.

  • Fernanda

    Fernanda Silveira

    Product Marketing Specialist, Hootsuite

    Fernanda is responsible for telling the story of our products and how Hootsuite solutions can help our customers address the issues they’re trying to solve. Prior to marketing, she was a customer success manager, working directly with our enterprise clients to help them achieve their social media goals with Hootsuite. Outside of the office, she has a deep love for travel, brunch and a well planned calendar.

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