How Financial Firms Can Adopt Social Selling

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Financial services companies are increasingly using social selling to identify and engage with the right prospects, aiming to drive high-quality lead generation and nurture lasting customer relationships.

A social selling programme can turn your social media presence into a powerful sales tool—and, with the right training, your financial advisors, agents, and other revenue producers into influential brand advocates.

Watch social selling experts from William Blair & Company, LinkedIn, and Hootsuite to hear about the benefits of a scalable, compliant social selling programme. And learn about the crucial role social media education and training plays in its successful implementation.

Including real world examples and practical tips, this webinar covers how to:

  • Benefit from adopting a scalable social selling programme across your entire organisation

  • Implement effective product, strategic, and policy training to ensure your social selling programme is both effective and compliant

  • Give advisors and other revenue producers the social selling tools and support they need to become effective social brand advocates

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