It’s official: the role of the social marketer is changing. As organic reach continues to decline and engagement metrics disappear, brands are feeling the pressure to deliver concrete ROI.

According to Hootsuite’s Social Trends 2020 report, 44% of senior marketers aim to “drive conversions” with their social strategy. To achieve this, your organization needs fresh, actionable insights into your audience’s shifting preferences, demographics, and behaviours.

Join our webinar to hear from marketing experts as they share best practices on using social listening tools to analyze and understand audience behaviours. Plus, learn how to combine social and performance marketing strategies to build a successful marketing plan.

What You'll Learn

  • How to use social listening tools to understand different audience behaviours
  • How to use a combination of social marketing and performance marketing strategies to reach your audience

  • Photo of Samantha Burnet

    Samantha Burnet

    Senior Business Value Analyst, Hootsuite

    Samantha is a partner to our most strategic customers. She is a leader in guiding industry best practices and trends.

  • Photo of Savi Chakraborty

    Savi Chakraborty

    Product Marketing Manager, Ads, Hootsuite

    Savi is product marketer for Hootsuite Ads and leads the go-to-market strategy to drive value for customers through social advertising.

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  • Photo of Monica Romanuic

    Monica Romanuic

    Partner Product Marketing Manager, Hootsuite

    Monica leads the go-to-market strategy for Hootsuite's technology partners—an ecosystem that supports organizations as they navigate the world of social media.

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