The Social Classroom: How to Teach Social Media

Karen Freberg Ph D
Karen Freberg
Assistant Professor in Strategic Communications, University of Louisville


Many students start in a company lacking adequate social media knowledge and skills.

That means a huge opportunity for educators like you to teach social media at your college or university.

Watch this free webinar to hear Karen Freberg, Ph.D, Assistant Professor in Strategic Communications at the University of Louisville, talk about how to get started teaching social media—and learn how to equip your students with the latest, industry-leading skills they need for success with social.

In this webinar, Karen Freberg will review her approach to her social media education and talk about how to:

  • Create a social classroom by integrating the right social media tools, resources, and subject matter into your teaching

  • Teach students the essential skills they need to succeed with social media in their working lives

  • Build an effective social media curriculum—including sample assignments and projects, classroom hashtags, and student engagement ideas

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  • Karen Freberg Ph D

    Karen Freberg

    Assistant Professor in Strategic Communications, University of Louisville

    Karen Freberg, Ph.D is an Assistant Professor at the University of Louisville and an Online Instructor for the Integrated Marketing Communications program at West Virginia University. She received her Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 2011, and her primary research interests are in social media, public relations, crisis communications, and emerging technologies. Karen is currently teaching these courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, and consults primarily in social media and crisis communications.

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