Hootsuite Social Breakfast 2018: How social is a driving force in advocacy

Anita V
Anita Veszeli
Head of Social Media & Advocacy, Ericsson


In an ideal internal framework, organisations would have used social to communicate with employees, encourage thought leadership and discussion online.

A successful advocacy program with leadership backing, clear parameters and training.

Anita Veszeli, Head of Social Media and Advocacy at Ericsson is setting a new benchmark in ensuring her organisation is covering all aspects, resulting in fantastic brand advocates and engagement.

In this video, you will be provided 6 steps in creating a program that ensures employee advocacy success within your organisation.

  • Steps to drive success in social in all avenues of an organisation
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    • Anita V

      Anita Veszeli

      Head of Social Media & Advocacy, Ericsson

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