Keeping Your Brand Safe on Social

Ali C New
Ali Cannavino
Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships, ZeroFOX


Social media security isn’t just about building effective walls. 

It also demands that you actively monitor the social universe for threats to your brand’s reputation—from impersonator accounts to emerging crises.

Watch this webinar with our partners ZeroFOX and Brandwatch to give you the knowledge you need to protect your brand from internal and external threats.

In this free 60-minute webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Monitor billions of social conversations to track brand sentiment and spot issues before they spread

  • Identify—and deal with—impersonator accounts, phishing attacks, and other external risks

  • Secure your social environment using permissions, approvals, and effective education

Watch now and discover how to embrace social media without putting your brand at risk.

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  • Ali C New

    Ali Cannavino

    Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships, ZeroFOX

    Ali leverages over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and advertising to help brands learn about protecting their social media assets through intelligent, machine learning software. Ali has a history of strong relationship driven partnerships across wide variety of industry verticals including hospitality, B2B, fashion, legal, retail/CPG and entertainment. She looks at social media protection holistically and helps develop reasonable and attainable solutions.

  • Kara Finnerty Headshot

    Kara Finnerty

    Data Analyst, Brandwatch

    Kara works with the world's largest brands and agencies to link social media data to broader marketing, business and digital strategy. She leverages the Brandwatch tool, monitoring millions of social conversations, to develop comprehensive analysis that ensures brand visibility and empowers smarter decision making. With a marketing and data science background, she has provided analysis across verticals including retail, fashion, insurance and not-for-profit.

  • Omar Kaywan

    Omar Kaywan

    Senior Product Marketing Manager, Partners, Hootsuite

    As the Senior Global Partner Marketing Manager, Omar drives the Hootsuite partner marketing strategy and programs. He is a seasoned marketer and entrepreneur with 10+ years of digital media experience, specializing in mobile and social media. Having worked both on the service and client side, he has helped build and execute brand, product marketing, customer acquisition, and monetization strategies for many niche and mass-market products.

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