Partner Webinar Series: 2018 Hootsuite Product Roadmap

Jeremy Wood 2
Jeremy Wood
Vice President, Product Marketing at Hootsuite


As a valued Hootsuite partner, we want you to succeed on social.

Whether it’s building your customer base, strengthening your presence in new verticals, or entering new markets—we want our partnership to help you unlock social business opportunities this year.

  • How our new needs-based messaging can help customers achieve their business goals
  • The latest improvements made to the Hootsuite platform
  • New opportunities to achieve business success with our 2018 product updates

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  • Jeremy Wood 2

    Jeremy Wood

    Vice President, Product Marketing at Hootsuite

    As the vice president of product marketing at Hootsuite, Jeremy uses his 20+ years of industry experience to lead Hootsuite’s solutions, partner, and sales enablement, and marketing teams.

  • Mik Lernout

    Mik Lernout

    Vice President, Product, Development & Technology

    Mik leads Hootsuite’s product management and design teams. He believes that empathy is at the root of building great products and has been putting that belief in practice for 15 years.

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