Accurately Measuring Your Social ROI

Heidi Bullock
Heidi Bullock
VP, Demand Generation Marketing, Marketo


Accurately Measuring Your Social ROI

If you’re aiming for more accurate analytics to prove your social ROI, you’ll eventually have to deal with ‘Dark Social.’

‘Dark Social’ is the term for traffic that comes to your website when people share a link through email, online chat, or another channel, as opposed to sharing it through a social network.

The good news is that it’s still social sharing, but the bad news—and where the ‘Dark’ part of the phrase comes in—is that the traffic will typically show up in your analytics as “direct referrals” because of the way the links get shared.

That can mean a lot of traffic that can’t accurately be attributed to its real source.

Watch the webinar that will shed light on ‘Dark Social’ and more accurate social tracking, featuring industry experts Heidi Bullock, VP of Demand Generation Marketing at Marketo, Mike Petroff, Digital Content Strategist at Harvard and Hootsuite’s own Kemp Edmonds, Solutions Consultant. They’ll discuss trends and tactics around the accurate measuring and reporting of social media activity.

Accurately Measuring Your Social ROIThis webinar includes a panel discussion moderated by Rob Begg, Hootsuite’s VP Enterprise Strategy, covering topics such as:

  • Dealing with measurement and reporting challenges of website visits that can’t be attributed to an actual source

  • The evolution of social media attribution strategies and tactics—and future trends

  • How to effectively measure social activity across multiple social media channels

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  • Heidi Bullock

    Heidi Bullock

    VP, Demand Generation Marketing, Marketo

    Heidi Bullock is the Vice President of Demand Generation Marketing at Marketo. She has over 10 years of B2B marketing experience in high tech companies. Her expertise includes product positioning, brand strategy, product marketing, and demand generation.

  • Mike Petroff

    Mike Petroff

    Digital Content Strategist, Harvard University

    Mike Petroff is a Digital Content Strategist at Harvard University where he supports the strategy, creation, and curation of content for Harvard University’s online presence and channels. He also plays a primary role in managing the vision and delivery of the University’s digital and social media presence, and is active in connecting the higher education community through events and online communities.

  • Kemp Edmonds

    Kemp Edmonds

    Solutions Consultant, Hootsuite

    Kemp Edmonds works for Vancouver-based Hootsuite as Lead Solutions Consultant. He speaks to audiences on the politics of social networks, online communications, digital law and culture. Kemp is a Board Member of Social Media Club International; the largest professional organization of its kind. His passion for people, technology and education enables his work. He can be found blogging on, chopping wood on small islands in the Howe Sound and documenting life with his wife and son.

  • Rob Begg

    Rob Begg

    VP Enterprise Strategy, Hootsuite

    Rob Begg is Hootsuite’s VP Enterprise Strategy. He works with Hootsuite's customers, partners and team to help figure out how social business, product and strategy all come together for enterprise companies. Rob often speaks on the how social business is evolving for enterprise companies and loves to hear stories on how other businesses are scaling social in their organization

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