In our last lightning webinar, we showed you how to use data to evolve your social marketing strategy. Now, put your analyst hat back on as we dive deeper into using social analytics to improve maturity and reach more customers.

Join us for the final webinar of this year’s Lightning Series as our experts share real success stories and tell you why they worked. Plus, you’ll get a look at how to use social analytics in varying levels of maturity and where this fits into your company’s overall strategy.

What You'll Learn

  • The importance of analytics in upleveling your organization’s social maturity
  • How to tell a more compelling story with analytics
  • Best practices for teams with less resources to optimize their social strategy with what you have

  • Photo of Natalie Gardner

    Natalie Gardner

    Senior Commercial Sales Consultant, Hootsuite

    Natalie works with existing and prospective clients to understand their business needs and craft strategies that positively impact their goals. She has a passion for connection through social and outside of work champions that power of connection through fitness. Follow Natalie on LinkedIn

  • Photo of Sergio Reyes

    Sergio Reyes

    Customer Success Manager - SMB, Hootsuite

    Sergio brings a strong background in client service and is passionate about building and managing key client relationships. As a social media whiz, he is a strategic and enthusiastic problem solver who enjoys exploring ways that his clients can find increased value and success as they grow with Hootsuite.
    Follow Sergio on LinkedIn

  • Photo of Sandy Shen

    Sandy Shen

    Technical Product Marketing Specialist, Measure, Hootsuite

    Sandy is the technical product marketing expert for Hootsuite’s social listening and analytics products, enabling customers to measure the effectiveness of their social strategies.

    Follow Sandy on LinkedIn