Trends in Action: Transforming the Employee Experience with Social

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Headshot Brayden Cohen 400X400@2X
Brayden Cohen
Social Marketing and Employee Advocacy Lead at Hootsuite
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We’ll let you in on a lil’ secret: Social can make your employees’ work lives THAT much more meaningful.

It’s not rocket science. Create interesting content for your teams to share on social and they’ll boost your reach and feel more connected to their work. Tap into social for your internal communications and they’ll work better and faster on the platforms they already know inside-out.

Want to get started? Then join some of social’s best and brightest for our Trends In Action webinar on April 13.

By the end of this panel discussion, you’ll know how to enrich the employee experience on social and drive value in ways you never imagined. Let’s answer all your burning questions.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How brands are using social to lead employee advocacy programs

  • Why your employees are your brand’s best ambassadors

  • How social can improve your internal communications and make teamwork easy

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  • Headshot Brayden Cohen 400X400@2X

    Brayden Cohen

    Social Marketing and Employee Advocacy Lead at Hootsuite
  • Headshot of Kosta Prodanovic

    Kosta Prodanovic

    Senior Copywriter II at Hootsuite

    As a Senior Copywriter at Hootsuite, Kosta is the brand storyteller who brought Social Trends 2022 to life. Before joining Hootsuite, he worked as a copywriter for agencies and in-house teams in London (UK) and Vancouver—and studied Strategic Communications at the London School of Economics. Kosta is also a recovering student journalist. Ask him about photographing punks in a bathtub for VICE.

  • Tintpartner Webinar Headshot David Ramirez 400X400

    S. Ramirez

    Marketing Manager at TINT

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