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The Total Economic Impact™ of Hootsuite

Numbers don’t lie—a commissioned study from Forrester Consulting found that Hootsuite customers get a 222% ROI over three years. In this study, Forrester breaks down how Hootsuite helps enterprise customers drive growth on social and beyond. Their findings show exactly why it pays to have the right tools for executing your brand’s social strategy.

Profit opportunities from social media strategy optimization

Hootsuite’s Business Value team led private workshops for enterprise customers on social maturity, KPIs, customer journeys and strategy consolidation—among other topics. These workshops helped our customers optimize their social media strategy, and led to an extra $1.2 million over three years in converted leads.

Cost savings enabled by employee advocacy programs

Boost your employees’ voices and get your content seen by key decision-makers. Hootsuite Amplify made it easy to lead employee advocacy campaigns—and saved our customers $839,000 over three years in advertising costs to achieve the same reach.

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Profit opportunities enabled by improved social customer care

Keep your clients loyal and never miss an opportunity to connect. By using Hootsuite’s Inbox to handle customer conversations at scale, our enterprise customers improved their contact resolution rates to 100% and unlocked $639,000 over three years in converted leads.

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Improved efficiencies in managing social content approval processes

Hootsuite cuts down the time each post takes by streamlining customers’ content approval workflow. The saved time and improved team collaboration freed up an extra $495,000 over three years for our enterprise customers.

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The value Hootsuite brings

Digital Strategy

“Hootsuite has been a strong partner in helping us shape our social media strategy. In the past, we were focusing a lot on ‘quantity’, and looking at the wrong metrics. We now focus on quality content for the right audience.”


Social Listening

“Having a centralized inbox on Hootsuite also helped us detect some trends and patterns in the industry, and allowed our PR/media relations team to get ahead of the conversation.”



“We received nearly 400,000 messages in 2020 (and more than 2x more in 2021 with the pandemic). Without Hootsuite, it would have been impossible to respond to all of them. Now, we are answering them in under 2 hours.”


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How we can help

  • Get new customers in the door

    Convert more customers with laser-targeted ads that are automatically optimized based on the budget you set.
  • Deliver seamless social customer care

    Missed messages are missed opportunities. Make sure every customer gets a fast, helpful reply by managing your messages from across social in one place.
  • Boost your reach with employee advocacy programs

    Boost the organic social influence of your employees by empowering them to share brand-approved content across their social networks