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Forrester Research, Inc. Report: Break Through The Hype Of Social Selling (July 28, 2015)

How to successfully enable your sales teams to utilize their social networks

Social selling—using social media to identify and engage with prospects—enables B2B sales teams to leverage their professional social networks to generate more leads and sales.

It’s a powerful tactic in the right hands. However, adopting a social selling program doesn’t happen overnight and is not one-size-fits-all.

Break Through The Hype Of Social Selling, by Forrester Research, Inc., outlines the key elements of successful social selling programs and discusses the best practices used by B2B marketers who have implemented them.

Forrester interviewed several companies, including Hootsuite, for the report, which focuses on how B2B marketers can help their sales teams to integrate social selling into their existing workflow and sales cycle. You will learn how to:

  • Facilitate, not force, social selling adoption by equipping your sales team with the right skills, content, and tools

  • Map out a long-term social media strategy incorporating social selling

  • Implement guidelines that keep your social messages consistent and compliant

As well as providing practical tips and advice, the report shows you how to assess your “social marketing maturity” to set realistic expectations about what you and your sales team can achieve.

Enable your B2B marketing and sales teams so use social media with confidence. Download Break Through The Hype Of Social Selling and start closing more deals today.

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