Social media is playing a key role in facilitating wider organizational change. But what does that look like in real life? Get your Social Transformation Playbook and discover industry benchmarks and actionable insights from Hootsuite’s top-performing customers that will future-proof your marketing strategy and benefit your entire business.

Fundamentals of Social Transformation

We analyzed the activity of our top-performing customers and found four things they do differently on social media.
  • Listen & Engage Consistently

    consistently engage with their audiences in public feeds on social media.

  • Deploy Social Customer Care

    provide customer service on social media. ⅓ of them fully automate it.

  • Integrate Social & Business Data

    align social media metrics to business KPIs. 13% predict future business outcomes using social media

  • Provide Security

    proactively protect their brand on social media. 29% have cybersecurity tools for their social media channels.

Discover What’s Possible

This year we saw the role of social media expanding beyond a marketing tool. Hootsuite and Altimeter recently surveyed 2,162 marketers and senior executives to understand how their businesses were able to transform and adjust to the new normal. This is what we found:

  • They look beyond their customers

    Mature organizations are almost twice as likely to connect with communities, employees, and partners on social media in addition to their customers.

  • They use social to drive media efficiency and smarter sales

    Leads, sign-ups, donations, purchases, sentiment and reputation—social media can influence all these and more. Mature users were twice as likely to track sales partially attributed to social media.

  • They leverage social to shape culture

    Sophisticated organizations use social as an integral part of their broader transformation agenda—66% agreed that social media programs help them prepare for broader digital transformation.

Ready to Transform Your Business with Social?

St Building Magnify

Get your Social Transformation Playbook to access:

  • Benchmarks from top-performing peers
  • Quick-wins that you can implement today with Hootsuite
  • Integrations with CRM, marketing automation, and other business applications that can help you accelerate your transformation