How We Do It: Insider Tips for Running Great Social Contests

Want to know how we generated thousands of compelling social media images of a popular event—without taking a single shot ourselves?

The Hootsuite Campaigns team has been running our own social contests and campaigns for years, and we’ve learned a few things along the way.

So we’d love to show you—using our own winning contests and campaigns as examples—exactly why social marketing can be up to 60% percent more effective than traditional advertising.

Watch our webinar to get behind-the-scenes insights from two of our best-performing lead generation and user-generated content campaigns—and learn how you can implement your own stellar campaigns, too.

How We Do It: Insider Tips for Running Great Social Contests
This webinar provides insider tips from the Hootsuite Campaigns team, including:

  • The secrets to the success of our “Win Hootsuite Pro for Life” sweepstakes—which generated 1000s of qualified leads
  • Behind the scenes of the “Hootsuite in Austin” campaign—Behind the scenes of the “Hootsuite in Austin” campaign—our hugely popular Social Gallery of user-generated content hub created at South by Southwest
  • How you can use Hootsuite Campaigns to run your own campaigns—to engage your community, build your brand, or generate leads