Empower Your Workforce with Employee Advocacy

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Lisa Mahato
Engagement Manager at Hootsuite
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The world is in the middle of a cultural shift. The speed and the degree of change in every aspect of our lives is unprecedented.

Social-first companies have been the fastest to adapt to the rapidly changing environment. And they’re building brand awareness, reaching new audiences, and strengthening relationships with customers by tapping into one of their most powerful resources: the incredible social influence of their employees.

Join our webinar to discover how social-first organizations are using employee advocacy to build stronger, more resilient businesses.

  • How to tap into peer influence and fuel content distribution with employee advocacy
  • How to enable your employees to become thought leaders
  • How to design a content strategy that supports your business objectives

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    Lisa Mahato

    Engagement Manager at Hootsuite

    Lisa Mahato, an Engagement Manager at Hootsuite has over 10 years of experience working in social media and provides strategic guidance to Hootsuite's top clients. She has a breadth of expertise in social marketing, social selling, customer care, crisis management and employee advocacy. Lisa has worked in the financial services space for 10 years, previously as a financial advisor and managing social for a leading financial services company. Her passion is focused on helping her clients create their own successful social programs.

  • Scott Rogerson

    Scott Rogerson

    CEO, UpContent

    Scott is Chief Executive Officer at UpContent, a content curation platform leveraged by marketing, sales, and communications teams to surface and triage trustworthy articles that measurably increase engagement, and stimulate action, across internal and external digital channels. Prior to founding UpContent, Scott ran a marketing agency, raised and ran a middle-market private equity fund, and spent over five years in consulting assisting non-profit and for-profit organizations to build successful strategies and improve operations.

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