Today’s average business-to-business (B2B) buyer is 57% of the way toward their purchase decision before even engaging with a sales person, according to a CEB survey.

This webinar pulls out insights from two current studies—Brandwatch’s B2B Social Media Report and Circle Research’s Social Media Benchmarking Report 2015—to help you navigate the changing B2B marketing landscape and better understand how to use social to influence buying decisions.

Watch Brandwatch, Circle Research, and Hootsuite experts to learn how 200+ top US and UK B2B brands succeed at social—and get up to speed on the latest B2B social marketing trends and best practices.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how B2B companies can leverage social, including:

  • How the B2B buying process has changed—and how social data can help you uncover new business opportunities
  • Advice on selecting the social networks most likely to increase engagement with your audience
  • How to prove the value of social within your B2B organization

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