How to Connect Social Strategy with Business Goals

Yvonne Chow
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Hootsuite


We’ve said it before... Metrics such as likes and shares are no longer enough to show success in social media campaigns, especially when you’re trying to justify larger budgets and higher social ad spends.

Is it possible to prove a direct financial return from investing in social media? Yes!

Learn how to measure and prove your social media ROI to achieve social performance. Hootsuite Impact lets you move beyond engagement metrics—giving you a greater understanding of how social media contributes to your business goals.

Here’s your chance to ask our product experts anything about Hootsuite Impact! Join Hootsuite’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Yvonne Chow and Senior Product Manager Bing Lin as they show you the most powerful features of Hootsuite Impact. They’ll be taking audience questions, so  ask them anything!

  • How social media strategy contributes back to business goals
  • How to identify the actionable data and insights that matter
  • How to improve social performance using Hootsuite Impact

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  • Yvonne

    Yvonne Chow

    Senior Product Marketing Manager, Hootsuite

    As a senior product marketing manager at Hootsuite, Yvonne leads the go-to-market strategy for Analytics, Impact, Insights, and Amplify. Originally from Malaysia, she has over a decade of product marketing experience and is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

    See Yvonne on LinkedIn

  • Bing

    Bing Lin

    Senior Product Manager, Hootsuite Impact

    Bing is the senior product manager for Hootsuite Impact and is responsible for building and creating a data-driven business unit at Hootsuite. He has over eight years of product management experience and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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