No matter what your goals are, measuring ROI is critical for any marketer. 

Join Hootsuite’s Director of Customer Analytics Graham Gullans and Senior Manager of Social Marketing Eva Taylor to discover the expert tools and techniques you need to measure social media’s contributions to the financial success of your organization.

In this webinar, we’ll focus on the practical side of social media measurement to show you how you can track direct revenue and leads with five simple steps. You’ll also learn the ROI formulas you need to know—along with essential tools to help simplify reporting.

What You'll Learn

  • How the LinkedIn marketing team measures ROI
  • How to align social KPIs and metrics to your business goals
  • How to assign measurable values to your goals and calculate ROI

  • Photo of Graham Gullans

    Graham Gullans

    Director of Customer Analytics at Hootsuite

    Graham Gullans is the Director of Customer Analytics at Hootsuite. He helps customers connect their business objectives to their social media KPIs. Previously, Graham was the co-founder and COO of LiftMetrix, a leading Social Media Analytics and Measurement solution, acquired by Hootsuite. Having previously spent 6 years as a high-frequency trader on Wall Street, he has applied his data expertise to help social marketers measure the success of their activities.

  • Photo of Steve Kearns

    Steve Kearns

    Social Media Lead at LinkedIn

    Steve Kearns leads social media strategy on behalf of LinkedIn's sales and marketing business. In his first year with the professional network, Steve doubled his channels' follower count and developed a revenue attribution system for organic social promotions. He's well-versed in bringing GIFs, video and other interactive media to life on social. And with a background heavy in entertainment, Steve prides himself on taking the boring out of B2B marketing. Prior to joining LinkedIn, Steve spent time in various sales and marketing roles at Oracle, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Viacom and Live Nation Entertainment.