Social engagement is exploding. Health IT buyers and users are social media savvy, connected and informed. That's why it is critical you have the tactics and tools in place to leverage social media to grow awareness, educate and nurture authentic relationships.

Connect with experts from Hootsuite and HIMSS Media to learn how to deploy the right combination of people, platform and process to take your social selling tactics up a notch in 2016.

HIMSS Media will focus on how you can deepen relationships with buyers and users via the largest, most active social network in health IT, and provide expert tips on how to generate excitement about your brand before and during HIMSS16 utilizing its expert team.

Hootsuite Media will focus on social selling best practices and tactics for the B2B world, from monitoring hashtags and identifying buying signals to creating a customer centric social media presence and transforming yourself from a vendor into a trusted advisor.

During this webinar, you'll learn to:

  • Educate buyers with relevant content
  • Listen, learn and engage with buyers and users
  • Leverage technology and content to develop authentic, lasting relationships