Social Advocacy: How Executives Are Transforming Financial Services

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Amy Mcilwain
Amy Mcilwain
Global Industry Director, Financial Services at Hootsuite


Research shows that executives have a key role in using social to enhance the reputation of their firms, attract talent, and increase sales. In fact, executives on social lead up to a 40% increase in employee engagement.

And what about your organization? Are you one of the 58% of financial services organizations that currently has an executive advocacy program? Or maybe the 32% that have plans to start in the next year?  

No? Don’t miss out. Join our webinar to find out how to make executive advocacy your competitive advantage.

  • How to build and scale an executive advocacy program
  • The benefits of an advocacy program
  • How to launch a program that’s secure and compliant

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  • Amy Mcilwain

    Amy Mcilwain

    Global Industry Director, Financial Services at Hootsuite

    Amy leads the financial services team at Hootsuite. As a social media speaker, best-selling author, and compliance expert, she’s appeared on FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC.

  • Roman Tobe

    Roman Tobe

    Senior Product Marketing Manager at Proofpoint

    Roman focuses on the intersection between cyber security and social media for Proofpoint. He’s helped startups and enterprise companies achieve at-scale growth.

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