The Truth About Implementing Social Selling

Aaron S Carman
Aaron Carman
Social Evangelist and Digital Marketing Manager, IBM North Americas Digital Sales Organization


Your prospects are increasingly turning to social media to discover, evaluate, and compare your company—and your products and services—with your competitors.

That means your sales, marketing, and social teams need to work together on a strategy to connect with prospects on social media—through reps, advisors, and sales teams on the ground.

In this webinar, you will learn proven strategies for implementing social selling programs. We’ll cover how you can use social media to identify and engage with prospects—and ultimately become a trusted brand to your audience.

Watch our webinar with IBM’s Aaron Carman, Social Evangelist and Digital Marketing Manager, and Hootsuite’s Liam Surridge, VP of North America Sales, to learn how to:

  • Leverage social media to engage with, sell to, and serve customers

  • Implement social selling programs globally

  • Generate people’s trust—and purchase intent—before they’ve even connected with you

  • Encourage collaboration between sales and marketing to drive more revenue

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  • Aaron S Carman

    Aaron Carman

    Social Evangelist and Digital Marketing Manager, IBM North Americas Digital Sales Organization

    Aaron has been in Sales for 15 years and is now a Social Evangelist/Digital Marketing Manager for IBM.  He works with Sales Teams across North America to develop and enable new methods of marketing, customer engagement, relationship fostering and increasing sales team performance based on KPI's set by each organization within the business.

  • Liam Surridge

    Liam Surridge

    VP of North America Sales, Hootsuite

    Liam Surridge is an experienced and accomplished sales leader. He has spent the last 15 years engaged with North American Enterprise and Mid Sized organizations in their selection and adoption of Analytics and ERP solutions. Liam is focused on transforming business development and sales teams to adopt connection and engagement strategies that reflect our current times. He was an early pioneer of adopting web and social oriented solutions to engage and connect with customers and has spent most of his career working to the perfect “customer experience”.

  • Reid Robinson

    Reid Robinson

    Social Media Business Strategist, Hootsuite

    Reid Robinson is the social media business strategist for Hootsuite. In his role, Reid leads social selling initiatives for both Hootsuite and some of the world’s largest brands. Reid is responsible for educating the global sales team on employee advocacy and leveraging the power of social selling to find more contacts, build better relationships, and ultimately close more business. On an ongoing basis, Reid continues to evolve Hootsuite’s social selling processes and company best practices while using Hootsuite’s social properties, like @HootBusiness, to engage with key contacts and book sales meetings.

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