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Nik Pai
Nik Pai
CEO, LiftMetrix


The future of business is digital and social media is a pivotal part of that. In fact, we’re seeing unprecedented social growth in marketing and customer care. But to unlock that calibre of growth and create advocacy, brands have to be authentic in the relationships they build. We can show you how.

In this webinar we cover:

  • Where to find the growth opportunities for businesses in social

  • How to turn customers and employees into advocates

  • Using data intelligence to unlock these opportunities in meaningful ways

This is a recording from our second virtual conference, Connect via Hootsuite. It provides a foundation for your strategy and a glimpse of what to expect at future events.

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  • Nik Pai

    Nik Pai

    CEO, LiftMetrix
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    Kelly Burke

    Head of Social, The Dodo
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    Peter Weingard

    Chief Marketing Officer, New York Public Radio
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    Joe Kessler

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