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Hootsuite Translation: Availables Languages

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The Hootsuite Translation Project was launched in August, 2010 with a goal to unite Hootsuite users all across the world and enable them to use their favorite social media tools in their native languages.

The Translation Project allows fans of the dashboard to easily translate any Hootsuite application — such as the web client or iPhone app — to the language of their choice. It’s an easy to use, crowd-sourced project where a few hundred owls can work to help make thousands of international hoot-fans happy.

Language Releases

Hootsuite applications are currently available in the following languages:

Hootsuite Web Dashboard [project]

Hootsuite for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch [project]

Hootsuite for Android [project]

Hootsuite for BlackBerry [project]

Want to help your community?

The Hootsuite Translation Project is organized according to language. Currently, there are a number of different localizations waiting to be translated. If your language is not open for translation, you can suggest it on Hootsuite’s translation feedback page. And there is a role to play for every Hootsuite application.

All languages are  monitored by language coordinators — helpful volunteers who are passionate about translating Hootsuite. Many of these positions are still open, so if you feel that you’re up for the job, please let us know and  fill out the application form.

If you have any questions about the Hootsuite Translation Project, take a look at our help articlestranslator’s guide and community support forum. Plus, search for the #hoottrans hashtag on Twitter to see what Hoot fans from around the world have to say about the project.

Who’s next?

Many languages are getting closer and closer to being 100% translated.

So don’t hesitate! Dive into the project and get hooting.


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