In addition to having the world’s largest internet user base—over two billion people—Asia Pacific is also home to the most avid social media users. More than 1.7 billion users are using Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, LinkedIn, and other social networks, to connect, discover, and share experiences*. Organisations recognise the growing role of social media—and they’re starting to see that it’s about much more than just marketing.

In Asia Pacific, the report was fielded to 785 respondents across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong; to examine how organisations manage social, what they do on social—and the main challenges they face.

The study found that the US no longer leads the way. Across all regions, organisations consistently reported a common set of social media goals and challenges. While Asia Pacific’s appetite and appreciation for social media is higher than the rest of the world, organisations in the region lag behind when it comes to social goals and doing more with social. This means there’s a huge opportunity to better align goals with overall business objectives.

Some key findings include:

  • Social media use has spread beyond marketing into sales, customer service, human resources, and other areas—making it more challenging for large enterprises in particular to coordinate their social activity

  • The top social challenges facing organisations include resourcing and training social media teams, coordination across departments, and measuring social ROI

Download our APAC Social Media Barometer report to read more about the social priorities, opportunities, and challenges facing businesses across the region—and use it to inform your planning for 2019.

*Hootsuite and We Are Social. Digital in 2018. 2018.