Traditional communication methods no longer cut it. Discover the new social solutions for government that will take your social strategy to the next level.

Government organisations in Australia and New Zealand have never had such a powerful and efficient solution for engaging citizens as they do with social media. But to maximise return on investment, organisations must take a strategic approach to social engagement.

This white paper shares how social media is transforming the public sector in Australia and New Zealand—and why public agencies and organisations must embrace a citizen engagement and service delivery strategy with social media at its core.

Download the white paper to discover:

  • How new technologies can help deliver high-quality and timely services to citizens

  • New ways to ensure government employees are empowered to use social media to engage with the public

  • Why a human-centric approach is key to engaging with citizens on social

  • How a centralised social media strategy can help control costs, increase transparency, earn greater citizen trust, and create positive public sentiment

  • Local examples of effective social governments and best practices in action