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Launching a Successful Multilingual Campaign: A Case Study With ARTE TV - 5673

How ARTE TV launched a 24 hour multilingual campaign that drove international awareness and viewership

Based in Strasbourg, ARTE (Association Relative a la Television Europeenne) is a Franco-German television network. Being a multi-national program, one of their greatest challenges is working between multi-lingual teams in France and Germany. Although regional teams manage their own channels, they must collaborate, strategize, organize and secure social media to remain cohesive and on brand.

  • 9,500 uses of the #24hJerusalem campaign hashtag

  • 32% increase in social reach

  • 11.3 million viewers in Germany and France over the 24 hour program

Learn how ARTE uses Hootsuite to collaboratively launch a 24 hour campaign to drive viewership and increase audience engagement on social media.

Our communications can’t always go through Strasbourg headquarters, but we need to oversee all brand and campaign communications. Hootsuite fills that need.

- Valentin Duboc, Head of Digital Marketing, ARTE G.E.I.E

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