There are two types of brands—those that use social media and those that make the most of it. How do we know the difference? We benchmark our top-performing clients and see what works for them. Their strategies and goals may be different, but there are four things they all have in common. Read on to find out more and see the real numbers.

Four things that make social work

  • Consistent engagement


    go beyond posting by regularly engaging their audience in public feeds.

  • Customer care on social


    use social media to provide customer service, with a third even automating it.

  • Social data integration


    align social media metrics to business KPIs. Attribution is tricky, but tools like CRM integration can make it work.

  • Secure social channels


    proactively protect their brands on social media. Cybersecurity, compliance, and governance can be done on social media.

We don’t change the rules of social media—we up your game on social

St Building Magnify

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