Building Relationships and Boosting Sales With Quality Content on Social

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Neha Dhingra
Neha Dhingra, Social Selling Evangelist at Oracle


From improving the effectiveness of social selling activities to boosting employee advocacy, content is king.

Quality content can help you better connect with customers and prospects on social media, leading to stronger relationships that generate leads and drive sales.

In this webinar, industry leaders Simon Kemp from Kepios and Neha Dhingra from Oracle will provide real examples of how great content can help you reach new prospects and drive real business results.

You’ll learn:

  • How to collect, curate, create, and customise the right content for your audience

  • How to leverage content to drive conversations with prospects and customers

  • Best practices for driving powerful selling conversations on social

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  • Neha Headshot

    Neha Dhingra

    Neha Dhingra, Social Selling Evangelist at Oracle

    Neha was born and raised in India and now calls Singapore home. She completed her MBA in Marketing and Finance from India and decided to move to Singapore for further studies in the field of Finance. Neha joined Oracle as a financial analyst but realized she was more interested in the conversations behind the numbers and hence took a position in market development team as a business analyst.

    Neha was intrigued by a problem statement set out by a sales leader: “Our sales teams can't reach customers and open the conversation." This led her on the journey from strategy and operations to social business transformation. What started with self-learning, has now expanded to numerous teams and thousands of sales individuals at Oracle. 

    She now works with sales teams across Asia Pacific to enable social selling so teams can effectively identify and connect with customers to build mutually profitable relationships. Neha designs and delivers workshops, virtual trainings, webinars and initiatives to educate sales professionals on how to use social tools to engage via various social channels.

  • Upali Dasgupta

    Upali Dasgupta

    Senior Marketing Manager, Hootsuite

    Upali Dasgupta is the regional marketing lead for Hootsuite in Asia Pacific working to grow the brand's presence in the region. She oversees a team responsible for developing an integrated marketing program with social media and content at the core. She has over a decade of experience in digital media and marketing across telecom and tech.

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