Connect and Nurture: Strengthen your Social Influence—Q3 Product Roadmap

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Fei Gao
Product Marketing Manager, Plan & Create, Hootsuite
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In our increasingly social world, consumers expect to interact with brands digitally and remotely. In fact, usage of social media is higher than ever, with global research agency Kantar reporting that social engagement has increased 61% over normal usage rates this year as consumers turn to social media for updates and connection.

People are looking for more than just connection—they’re also using social media to evaluate potential purchases and validate purchases they’ve made. And smart brands are using insights from customer interactions and market trends to build stronger engagement strategies that capture attention, build trust, and win loyalty.

Join Hootsuite’s Product Marketing Manager Fei Gao and Technical Product Marketing Specialist Sandy Shen for our Q3 product roadmap webinar to discover how Hootsuite’s evolving capabilities help you strengthen your social influence. Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek at our brand-new UI refresh.

  • How to engage and nurture leads effectively with an integrated social selling solution
  • How to drive business results with enhanced social listening and analytics applications
  • How our brand-new UI refresh helps you do more in less time with Hootsuite

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  • Webinar Headshot Fei Gao Customerroadmap 400X400

    Fei Gao

    Product Marketing Manager, Plan & Create, Hootsuite

    Fei leads the go-to-market strategy for Hootsuite Planner, Compose, and Content Library to drive efficiency and value for customers to succeed with social.

    Follow Fei on LinkedIn

  • Webinar Headshot Sandy Shen Customerroadmap 400X400

    Sandy Shen

    Technical Product Marketing Specialist, Measure, Hootsuite

    Sandy is the technical product marketing expert for Hootsuite’s social listening and analytics products, enabling customers to measure the effectiveness of their social strategies.

    Follow Sandy on LinkedIn

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