The Transformation of Digital Ecosystems for Law Firms

Evan Blair
Evan Blair
Co-Founder & VP of Product Marketing, ZeroFox


For law firms, the widespread adoption of social media has a variety of game-changing ramifications. Firms can leverage social to prospect business, promote attorneys, engage with clients and build brand.

In part 2 of this webinar series, Hootsuite lays out strategies for leveraging attorney advocacy and social media to build firm awareness and find, engage with, and nurture prospects or clients and exponentially increase your influence and reach on digital within a comprehensive social ecosystem.

Watch to learn:

  • How the digital ecosystem is transforming for law firms, including centralized social media management, attorney advocacy, competition monitoring, finding and nurturing prospects and clients and more.

  • How amplifying your firm’s awareness and thought leadership on digital can be simple for hundreds of attorneys and employees to share content, stay connected to your mission, increase reach and influence and ultimately see and track ROI.

  • How to increase your firm’s social reach and influence with a mobile-centric solution for employees to amplify marketing campaigns and company announcements and industry or practice group-specific thought leadership pieces.

  • How to engage attorneys and employees by helping them build their professional personal brands and stay connected to the stories and news resonating across different departments and practice groups. 

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  • Evan Blair

    Evan Blair

    Co-Founder & VP of Product Marketing, ZeroFox

    Evan Blair is a Co-Founder and the VP of Product Marketing at ZeroFOX. Prior to that, Evan was a member of the Accuvant Leadership Team where he led the multi-million dollar Partner Solutions practice.

  • Jered Love

    Jered Love

    Corporate Account Executive, Hootsuite

    Jered Love is a Corporate Account Executive specializing in law firms and consulting services at Hootsuite. He is passionate about empowering organizations and people to revolutionize communication and relationships through social media and digital transformation.

  • Reid Robinson

    Reid Robinson

    Social Media Business Strategist, Hootsuite

    Reid Robinson is the social media business strategist for Hootsuite. In his role, Reid leads social selling initiatives for both Hootsuite and some of the world’s largest brands. Reid is responsible for educating the global sales team on employee advocacy and leveraging the power of social selling to find more contacts, build better relationships, and ultimately close more business. On an ongoing basis, Reid continues to evolve Hootsuite’s social selling processes and company best practices while using Hootsuite’s social properties, like @HootBusiness, to engage with key contacts and book sales meetings.

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