Customer acquisition is the top priority for the majority of social media marketers in 2021—is it yours?

If you’re hustling to get new customers in the (virtual) door, it’s time to invest in paid social. It’s the perfect combination of broad reach and conversion-focused media to help you achieve your business goals, fast.

That’s why 60% of organizations that already use paid social intend to spend more on it in 2021, according to our data. And it’s no wonder why, considering 28% of people say they discover brands and products through social ads.

But how do you actually run ads that work?

In our Explained 3 Ways webinar series, we're breaking down common social media challenges—like this one—to help you succeed in 2021.

We’ve brought together experts to share three different proven strategies for pulling in new customers using paid social.

You’ll Discover How To:

  • Get your brand in front of new eyeballs by boosting your most engaging organic content
  • Convert new customers by using things like targeting to make your campaigns as effective as possible
  • Get even more out of your paid social efforts with advanced strategies for optimizing and automating your top performing ads

  • Photo of Sarah Dawley

    Sarah Dawley

    Senior Copywriter at Hootsuite

    Sarah leads the research and analysis of Hootsuite’s  global trends report. She brings 14 years of experience in strategy and copywriting  at some of Canada’s largest media organizations. Sarah works with Hootsuite’s brand team to define and articulate how social media is impacting, brands, marketers and consumers.

  • Photo of Ryan Ginsberg

    Ryan Ginsberg

    Senior Manager of Social Ads at Hootsuite

    Ryan brings 15 years experience in the digital advertising space with a track record of connecting brands to their customers across platforms.  As Senior Manager of Social Ads at Hootsuite, he leads the Enterprise strategy that helps organizations bridge the gap between organic and paid to drive business results through social.  Prior to Hootsuite, Ryan hailed from Twitter where he helped launch their Canadian operations, educating marketing professionals on the strategies, tactics and measurement of social ads.

  • Photo of Gayle Riviere

    Gayle Riviere

    Partner Solutions Consultant at Hootsuite

    With over 10 years of experience working in tech, Gayle is passionate about helping customers achieve success and empowering businesses to connect, share and build authentic relationships with their customers.

  • Photo of Paul Fairbrother

    Paul Fairbrother

    Ads Specialist at Hootsuite

    With over 5 years under his belt of creating ad campaigns for clients and running strategy sessions, Paul is passionate about helping enable small businesses to grow through the use of social advertising. When he’s not managing over $2 million worth of ads spend for his clients every year, you can find Paul cycling, drinking far too much espresso, and looking after 6 cats.