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Know Your Customer: Delivering a Personalized Experience on Social

Michelle Dunlea Yellow 1
Michelle Dunlea
Director of Product, Hootsuite


A one-size-fits all social media content won’t cut it anymore.

Your customers want their interactions with businesses on social to be tailored towho they are, their goals, their needs and their unique experiences.  

Join us for a webinar where our experts will show you how to get the most out of personalized content—without blowing your budget or timeline.

What You’ll Learn:

  • checkmarkHow to adapt social content to different formats and networks based on audience data
  • checkmarkHow to deliver content experiences that address specific customer needs
  • checkmarkHow to scale content for personalization through testing and automation

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  • Michelle Dunlea Yellow 1

    Michelle Dunlea

    Director of Product, Hootsuite

    Michelle is the Senior Director of Product at Hootsuite. A customer experience fanatic and storyteller, Michelle has been part of the Hootsuite product team for 3.5 years. Throughout her time in The Nest, she has been shaping in the evolution of Hootsuite by delivering solutions that make our customer’s work lives better. Michelle leads our Content and Customer product areas which include content planning, content creation, publishing, monitoring and responding.

  • Eva New Bw

    Eva Taylor

    Director Social Strategy, Operations & CSR, Hootsuite
  • Jennifer Baker Headshot

    Jennifer Baker

    Social Media Consultant

    Jennifer goes beyond explaining the importance of social media and gives her clients the skills and confidence they need to attract and retain customers. Through careful attention to each client’s needs, time constraints, and skill levels, Jennifer trains individuals to make social media work for their business.

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