Measuring Social Media’s Impact on Business Goals and KPIs

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Graham Gullans
Director of Customer Analytics at Hootsuite


Not every organization needs to increase ecommerce purchases or prove direct revenue from social. Business goals such as brand awareness, customer service, and other KPIs can be just as valuable—if not more—to your organization. 

Join the Director of the Social Media Strategy Hub at North Carolina State University along with Hootsuite’s Director of Customer Analytics Graham Gullans and Senior Manager of Social Marketing Eva Taylor to learn how you can get started right away.

In this webinar, we’ll explore how organizations are using social beyond revenue generation with real examples from North Carolina State University. You’ll also learn how to use social listening and social data to better understand your audience—and future customers.

  • How to pick the right areas of your business that could benefit from social media
  • How to use the customer journey to contextualize results
  • Example metrics for mapping social to business outcomes

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  • Graham

    Graham Gullans

    Director of Customer Analytics at Hootsuite

    Graham Gullans is the Director of Customer Analytics at Hootsuite. He helps customers connect their business objectives to their social media KPIs. Previously, Graham was the co-founder and COO of LiftMetrix, a leading Social Media Analytics and Measurement solution, acquired by Hootsuite. Having previously spent 6 years as a high-frequency trader on Wall Street, he has applied his data expertise to help social marketers measure the success of their activities.

  • Nicholas Love Nc State

    Nicholas Love

    Director of Social Media at G&S Business Communications

    Nick is a highly-accomplished communications and marketing strategist who will share his tips and experience using Brandwatch over the past 5 years at various Higher Education institutions including North Carolina State University, Ohio State University and University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

  • Nathan Foulds Picture

    Nathan Foulds

    Customer Success Manager at Brandwatch

    Nathan Foulds has worked at Brandwatch for 3 years, as a member of the Customer Success Team. His role is focused on helping brands from a variety of sectors find success from their social listening efforts.

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