Securing Social Media Management from Digital and Compliance Risks

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Amy Mcilwain
Amy Mcilwain
Global Industry Director, Financial Services at Hootsuite


Social media and other digital platforms have connected people, brands, and organizations like never before—but they also open us up to increased security and compliance risks.

From lookalike accounts targeting customers with phishing scams to compromised credentials and losing access to accounts, digital security is no joke—especially when your reputation is on the line.

In regulated industries, organizations aren’t just faced with security risks, but also with the challenge of monitoring and archiving all digital content to meet governing regulatory requirements.

So why even be on social media if there are so many potential threats? Watch this webinar to find out.

  • Top social media security, brand, and compliance risks
  • Critical steps to protect your brand’s digital footprint
  • Key strategies from some of the world’s largest brands, including those in heavily regulated industries

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  • Amy Mcilwain

    Amy Mcilwain

    Global Industry Director, Financial Services at Hootsuite

    Amy leads the financial services team at Hootsuite. As a social media speaker, best-selling author, and compliance expert, she’s appeared on FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC.

  • Roman Tobe

    Roman Tobe

    Senior Product Marketing Manager at Proofpoint

    Roman focuses on the intersection between cyber security and social media for Proofpoint. He’s helped startups and enterprise companies achieve at-scale growth.

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