If you’re new to Hootsuite, this is the place to start. In this 13-minute video, you’ll explore the key features of your dashboard and then learn how to connect your social media accounts, publish posts, monitor responses, and engage with your audience.

This quick guide covers key facts about Hootsuite users’ favorite features as well as our platform’s most unique offerings. You’ll learn how to use our tools to make informed strategic decisions.

Hustling to get new customers in the (virtual) door using social media? Find out how Hootsuite can help you capture attention using popular formats, expand your reach with paid social, and help your sales team make better connections. It’s all in this guide.

Driving engagement, generating leads, and getting new customers all comes down to your audience. You have to match your tactics to your audience and choose the right channel to reach them on. Discover how to target the right people on the right platforms using Hootsuite in this guide.

Very few organizations are confident in their ability to quantify the return on investment (ROI) of their social media efforts—despite the fact that that very confidence is key to their success. Hootsuite offers multiple ways to track the impact of your social media initiatives. Find out how in this guide.