The social landscape is changing, and so should you

At our exclusive Future of Social event, we explore how new technologies and new behaviors are helping to tighten the bonds between brands and consumers. From building stronger connections with customer communities, to the need for hyper-personalization in social advertising, we deep-dive into the seismic shifts headed our way to help you build the capabilities you need to win at social.

This event is your guiding star, helping you discover what 2019—and beyond—has in store for social and for brands using it. With guest speakers and our own experts lighting the way, you won't want to miss it.


Welcome Remarks
The Future of Social: The Age of the Individual
  • Penny Wilson, Hootsuite
The Future of Social: A View from Adobe
  • Lauren Friedman, Adobe
Trends for the Contrarian Marketer
  • Jon Lombardo, LinkedIn
Messenger for Marketing: Click to Messenger Ads Case Studies & Best Practices
  • Anand Arivukkarasu, Facebook
Driving Business Intelligence and ROI with Social Data
  • Casey Hall, Formerly Thomson Reuters
Panel Discussion
Closing Remarks


  • Photo of Jon Lombardo
    See more information about Jon Lombardo

    Jon Lombardo

    Global Brand Strategist LinkedIn

  • Photo of Casey Hall
    See more information about Casey Hall

    Casey Hall

    Former Director of Social Media Thomson Reuters

  • Photo of Penny Wilson
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    Penny Wilson

    Chief Marketing Officer Hootsuite

  • Photo of Anand Arivukkarasu
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    Anand Arivukkarasu

    Product Growth, Messenger Platforms Facebook

  • Photo of Lauren Friedman
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    Lauren Friedman

    Head of Social Media Enablement & Innovation Adobe