Grammarly for Hootsuite: Write better posts

Write clear, concise, mistake-free posts with Grammarly, now built directly into Hootsuite. Save time with advance suggestions that will allow you to fix your posts in one click.

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Clear, engaging, and mistake-free posts

You don’t have to be a natural-born wordsmith to create polished content that sends a powerful message. Grammarly in Hootsuite offers advanced suggestions that help you write clear, concise, mistake-free content to give you a professional edge.

Grammarly provides instant grammar and spell checks so you can draft and create content from a single platform. Typos? Caption too wordy? Forgot an Oxford comma? Grammarly will catch it before you post.

Speak the language of your target audience with the help of Grammarly’s built-in tone detector. Engage your audience and send the message loud and clear.

Experience the power of Grammarly in Hootsuite today