With Hootsuite Amplify, it's simple for thousands of employees to share your organizations content, stay connected to your mission, and increase your brand's reach.

  • Increase your social reach

    Give your employees a mobile solution that makes it easy to amplify marketing campaigns and company announcements, as well as support corporate responsibility and community initiatives. 

  • Engage employees

    Help employee advocates build their professional brands and stay connected to the stories and news resonating across different departments, divisions, and regions. 

  • Connect your organization

    A single, central content feed reinforces your culture, highlights thought leadership, and rewards your most passionate employee advocates.

  • Measure impact

    See the top stories and content shared by your organization. Discover which employees share content the most frequently and track the ROI of your advocacy program.

  • Gain fast adoption

    Amplify is a mobile solution designed for all skill levels. It's branded to your organization and integrates with single sign-on (SSO) for quick, easy access.

  • Easily curate your social content

    It's simple for admins to curate, publish, and analyze content, helping you drive additional reach and results from your existing social marketing investments.