Social media and online reviews together in Hootsuite

Review Tracker Hootsuite Hero R1

Centralize reputation management

Find and organize online reviews and see them alongside other streams in your Hootsuite dashboard to spot emerging issues across channels.

Elevate the customer experience

Turn unhappy customers into advocates by responding to negative reviews (regardless of where they’re posted) while there’s still time to resolve the problem.

Accentuate positive reviews

Uncover positive reviews quickly and then share them across your social accounts to spread the good news—and enhance your brand reputation.

Reviews from more sources, across multiple locations

  • Manage your reputation across every location

    Discover and sort reviews about every business location and then easily assign them to other team members—or back to that location—for faster resolution.

  • See real-time reviews for real-time responses

    Gain visibility into your brand’s online reputation in real time so you can respond quickly to customer reviews, improving retention and positive engagement.

  • Monitor 85+ review sites

    Capture reviews from over 85 review sites including TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Healthgrades, Facebook reviews, Google Maps, and others—as little as 15 minutes after they’re posted.